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We have RE-IMAGINED the way people can correct their smile

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Our Advantage*

You no longer need to spend the entire day with plastic in your mouth

Existing aligner solutions generally share the same treatment principles, which are different from our solution. In most cases, patients seeking to improve their smile need to undergo a 12-to-15-month process of wearing plastic aligners, which need to be worn the entire day and should only be removed while eating or drinking. Patients are prescribed a series of multiple aligners that are intended to move teeth progressively closer to their intended final position using constant force. This process causes pain every time a new aligner is used and restricts blood circulation, which counterproductively slows down tooth movement. All-day aligner solutions are also intrusive, as patients need to conduct their lives at work or school wearing plastic aligners. In addition, most existing aligner therapies require multiple visits to an orthodontist to monitor the progress of treatment plans through intraoral scanning, physical examination, and patient testimony.

We believe that recent rapid advancements in technology have made traditional aligner solutions no longer the most effective treatment option for smile correction. Our Company has developed a proprietary AI-based platform, which we refer to as The Platform, to correct people’s smiles in a discreet and less painful manner. The Platform uses only one smart aligner to gently move teeth into their optimum position with pulsating air while the patient is sleeping or at home.

  • Gentle treatment

    Zsmile will correct your smile by gently moving your teeth using our patented pulsating air technology. Our solution does not rely on the constant pressure of a typical aligner that causes discomfort every time the aligner is changed.*

  • Smile the whole day
    Since Zsmile is used discreetly in the privacy of your home, you will no longer need to be embarrassed in public with an aligner that may even impair your speech.*
  • Eat, drink normally & enjoy life
    Zsmile will correct your smile while you sleep , which will allow you eat and drink normally the entire day. With typical aligners, you need to remove them every time you eat or drink a hot beverage and brush before putting them back.*
  • Shorter treatment time
    Shorter treatment time than regular aligners. Aligners need to be worn most of the day and night for about a year, whereas Zsmile has been proven to achieve the same results in less than 10 hours a day while sleeping.*
  • Fewer office visits
    Using the Zsmile app which is part of our AI platform, your dental professional will be able to monitor and change your treatment plan remotely. You will be able to upload videos of your smile to check your progress with your dental professional.*

    Please note that the "Our Advantages" section refers to a prototype not yet available for commercial use. While the "Zsmile System" has been FDA-cleared for certain orthodontic treatments, the second generation ("Platform") has not yet received clearance. This information is for illustration purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Actual results may vary. Use at your own risk.
  • You need just one smart aligner
    A typical aligner treatment plan involves changing multiple aligners, young adults and children tend to lose an aligner here and there and delay treatment by weeks. Now you will be able to correct your smile with one Zsmile smart aligner.*

The Zsmile

Aerodentis smart aligner system
  • Smartphone application

    Potential patients take a video of their smile
    Video is uploaded to our AI Cloud and analyzed
    AI algorithms determine if the patient can benefit from our solution.

    Once a patient begins treatment, the app will provide their dental professional with ongoing remote monitoring of their treatment progress.

  • AI based cloud services

    Uploaded 2D video will be converted into a 3D model using our proprietary patent-pending AI-based image analysis technology.
    If analysis delivers a “Go” result, the patient will be invited to have an intraoral scan by a dental professional from our network of participating providers
    Machine learning algorithms improve the accuracy of our image models with every new video and scan.
    Will be used for ongoing analysis of patient data and management of a patient’s treatment plan throughout the treatment.
  • Smart aligner system

    More advanced version of the first-generation Zsmile System.
    Completely redesigned micropump and motor mechanisms.
    IoT-enabled base control unit to allow external secure communication using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
    The device will be able to communicate with the patient’s smartphone, our AI Cloud, and the designated dental professional, subject to FDA clearance.
    The patient's smart aligner will be created using 3D printing based on our patent pending image analysis models

    Please note that the "Zsmile Platform" section refers to a prototype not yet available for commercial use. While the "Zsmile System" has been FDA-cleared for certain orthodontic treatments, the second generation ("Platform") has not yet received clearance. This information is for illustration purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Actual results may vary. Use at your own risk.
Aerodentis smart aligner system

Certified Product

Our first-generation system has received FDA (510k) clearance
and is ISO-certified and CE marked for marketing in the U.S. and EU
Badge: FDA aprroved product
Badge: FDA aprroved product
Badge: FDA aprroved product
About us
Our Company was founded in 2005 with the goal of offering millions of people a chance to correct their smile in a more discreet and less painful manner even while they sleep.
The first generation of our product underwent ten years of development by a team of twelve orthodontists, engineers, industrial designers, and dental technicians. This team developed a new clinically-proven method for correcting Class 1 and Class 2 malocclusion using pulsating air.
The team discovered that using pulsating air improved blood circulation in the gums, which is essential to tooth movement. This first-generation product (the “Zsmile System”) was composed of a base control unit that contained a pump and motor that would deliver pulses of air to a micro balloon that was part of a mouthpiece to be used by the patient to deliver the treatment.
The use of pulsating air is the base patented technology that distinguishes our Zsmile System from other aligner therapies, which are designed to move teeth using continuous resistant force delivered by the aligner, which impairs blood flow.
Aerodents Gen 2 Prototype
Evolution of our platform
In January 2013, the Zsmile System composed of the base control unit and custom mouthpiece received the European CE Mark. In 2020, it received FDA clearance via the 510(k) process as a Class II medical device, with a broad indication for use “in movement and alignment of teeth during orthodontic treatment of malocclusion.” Clinical trials demonstrated that Zsmile System was suitable for adults and pediatric patients with Class 1 and Class 2 malocclusion, including crowding, proclination and retroclination. Further, clinical trials have demonstrated that the effectiveness of the Zsmile System was consistent with the results achieved by the Invisalign clear aligners solution provided by Align Technology, Inc.

Building on the Zsmile System, in 2022 we developed a prototype of the Platform, our next-generation, comprehensive enhanced solution to Class 1 and Class 2 malocclusion for which we intend to submit a 510(k) application for marketing in the U.S., as the Platform is beyond the scope of our current FDA clearance. The prototype of the Platform was developed over the course of eighteen months and is intended to advance the proven clinical features of the Zsmile System while incorporating recent developments in artificial intelligence, secure wireless and Internet communications with IoT devices, and advanced imaging and 3D printing technologies.
Our team
Our executive team has decades of experience in funding, growing, and managing high-tech companies, medical device ventures, and pharmaceutical enterprises. Throughout their careers, they have contributed to generating billions of dollars in shareholder value in both public and private markets.

The Dror development team consists of skilled AI software engineers and medical device developers. Many of our team members have extensive experience from active duty in various Israeli Intelligence Units, as well as backgrounds in medical device hardware development and orthodontic science and innovation. Additionally, our company is supported by some of the most elite leaders in the orthodontic innovation community and experts in regulatory matters concerning the FDA, CE, and other regulatory entities.
Development department office

The Market Opportunity

Malocclusion is one of the most prevalent clinical dental conditions in the world, affecting approximately 60% to 75% of the global population. It is estimated that there are approximately 500 million people globally with malocclusion who could benefit from straightening their teeth.

According to a 2022 study conducted by Precedent Research, the global clear aligners market size was estimated at $6.29 billion in 2022 and is expected to surpass around $46.3 billion by 2030, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.34% during the period 2022 to 2030.
Chart: Clear Aligner Market CAGR of 28.34% from 2022 to 2030
Precedence Research Study, 2023
However, most people afflicted by malocclusion do not seek orthodontic treatment due to a number of reasons, including negative perceptions of aligners, metal braces, affordability of treatment, and accessibility to doctors in certain markets and geographies.
Currently, only 4.4% of the market seeks treatment for a number of reasons, including negative perceptions of aligners, metal braces, affordability of treatment, and accessibility to orthodontists in certain markets and geographies.

Our Platform seeks to address this large and underserved global market by offering a discreet, less intrusive and less painful treatment alternative to available clear aligners and traditional orthodontic treatments. Our Platform is optimized to correct malocclusions that relate to the “social six,” which are the front upper six and lower six teeth. We believe that at least 30% of those who currently seek treatment, or 6.6 million people, could benefit from using Zsmile to correct their smiles. According to the Precedence Research study, by 2028, the market for clear aligners will surpass 22 million people, which is our total addressable market.
Chart: Total Addressable Market. Chart says that number of potential patient will increase up to 22980216 by 2028
Precedence Research Study, 2023

Our vision

We give people the choice to feel free

We have reimagined the way people can correct their smile.

We plan to disrupt the aligner market by offering millions of people a revolutionary alternative.

We believe that people do not need to change their lifestyle to correct their smile as they are required to do with existing aligner solutions. Rather, they can get a perfect smile discreetly and hassle-free even while they sleep.

Dror Ortho-Design, Inc.
(formerly Novint Technologies, Inc.)

Investment Thesis

  • The traditional aligner business has remained unchanged for a decade. Dror is the only company offering an innovative alternative that allows millions of people to achieve a better smile while they sleep.

  • The Company’s Zsmile solution can be easily integrated and offered by GP dentists, enabling them to significantly grow their business by providing an orthodontic solution to their patients.

  • The public is ready for a major paradigm shift in teeth straightening. With the influence of social media, we believe there will be significant interest in achieving a better smile without the need to wear a plastic aligner all day.

  • 4. Our comprehensive AI solution facilitates quick onboarding of GP dentists and orthodontists without the need for months of training and expense and facilitates the scaling of the number of patients treated without dramatically increasing office visits and chair time.

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